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Service for motorists

The car vehicles are subject to regular vehicle examination as per �39 of the Act No. 56/2001 Col. of technical conditions of the road traffic.

For this reason the execution of this obligatory regular MOT test is offered to our customers. The service includes also the following elaboration of the document proving the technical condition of the vehicle, marking of the date of validity or the roadworthiness into the log book of the vehicle and sticking the control label on the registration number of the vehicle.

Moreover we offer the service of measuring emissions, i.e. the service necessary before the performance of the regular vehicle examination. This service is performed for our customers by the Station of measuring of emissions (SME) located at the site of our STK (Vehicle Examination Station).

MOT tests of vehicles

Kind of vehicle Category
Car M1
Lorry/truck N1
Motorcycle L1,L2,L3
Trailer, semi-trailer O1,O2
Lorry/truck N2,N3
Bus M2,M3
Tractor of trailer, semi-trailer N2,N3
Trailer, semi-trailer for freights O3,O4
Tractor-type trailer, semi-trailer OT1-OT4
Tractor T

Measuring emissions

Vehicle kind Category
Car M1
Lorry/truck N1
Lorry/truck N2,N3
Bus M2,M3
Tractor of trailer, semi-trailer N2,N3
Tractor T

Related services

  • Sale of diesel fuel and Ad Blue by the company�s own service station. Open round the clock for contractual customers, who can be billed via invoice.
  • Sale of ESSO - Mobil oils and products
  • Sale of stickers for entering low-emission zones in Germany
  • Refilling of air-conditioning equipment in cars and trucks

Photo-gallery of SME, STK business place

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